samedi 30 mai 2009

Old man and Princess

Princess Marie Bonaparte (1925)
"As she soon discovered, no lover could overcome her frigidity. Her search for a cure led her to become friendly with a French psychiatrist, Rene Laforgue. He referred her to Freud, remarking that she had ''a marked virility complex.''
In 1925, when Marie Bonaparte consulted him, Freud was 69 and already afflicted with the cancer that eventually killed him. They took to each other immediately. Freud, who was never good at following his own injunctions about how psychoanalysts should conduct themselves, told her about his illness and his financial difficulties and was delighted when she told him that she loved him. She soon replaced Lou Andreas-Salome in Freud's affections and became so much his favorite analysand that he gave her two hours a day of his time."
Marie Bonaparte, " Edgar Poe". Eine psychoanalytische Studie. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main 1984, brosch. Preface from S.Freud:
"Exellente étude de l'écrivain mais la question essentielle reste inconnue:
cela n'explique pas comment on devient un génie !"
... Quando ho leggetote, ero di ritorno da Aix en Provence dove ascoltando e lavorando, ho sentito la tua speranza soffocandosi ...

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